Karuizawa Ocean Bright Deluxe

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This very old Ocean whisky is produced by blending Karuizawa (軽井沢) malt with Yamanashi malt. We estimated the distilling time to be from 1962-1969 and was released in the early 1970's in the Japanese domestic market. This is a very very rare item.

Determining the era of this rare gem is not simple: First of all, the Yamanashi distillery ceased production in 1969, making the liquid inside this bottle dated from 1969 or before. On the other hand, the proprietor who bottled this whisky "Sanraku-Ocean Co., Ltd." was founded in 1962. Making this real gem probably distilled between 1962-1969. Not much is known about the Yamanashi Distillery so we cannot determine if this bottle is a blended malt whisky or blended whisky (with grain whisky from Yamanashi). In any case, this is a very rare bottle.

** Please note that as these bottles were bottled over 40 years ago, they do not come with boxes and some of the labels have discoloration. But the seal is intact and the fill levels are generally around shoulder.

Type: Blended Whisky
Distillery: Karuizawa Distillery & Yamanashi Distillery
ABV: 42%
Size: 720ml
Country: Japan
Remarks: No Box included, label condition varies. Price is for ONE bottle.


About Karuizawa Distillery

Karuizawa Distillery was established in 1955 in the foothills of Mount Asama (淺間山), an active volcano north-west of Tokyo, to make a single malt whisky in as traditional a manner as possible.

At 850 mteres abouve sea level, the distillery is the highest in Japan; low temperatures and high humidity provided an ideal micro-climate for whisky production. The Karuizawa Distillery ceased production in 2000, and was officially closed in 2011. Therefore Karuizawa became one of the legendary single malts no longer produced in Japan.

Karuizawa whiskies have received numerous awards in the recent years and because of their extremely limited availability, they are heavily sought by private collectors.

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